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Data Recovery Data Recovery

Data Recovery Data Recovery

Data Recovery Data Recovery
Ace Data Recovery Lab is only one local lab instead of virtual office like others. We can sit down and face to face talk about your case, our company address: 5070 NW 74 AVE Miami FL. 33166. East side of palmetto highway.
Since 1998, we have been serving thousands of customers in Florida. Price starting at $95. Please email us, we reply your email within 30 minutes during working days.
We can work on a case on 24/7 bases. Most cases  need only 2-3 days.
We save your data on a secured saver before your take it and remove it as soon as you accept with a satisfaction.
Before you pay for the recovered data, you can review them.Always seeing is believes, Call us @ 305-2286163, we answer calls 24/7.
We have modern equipment to ensure getting your data back as much as possible. It is fully equipped with data recovery tools and class 100 clean room.


Our services includes:

  •  RAID Recovery

Once you realized that you are dealing with a RAID failure and therefore you need RAID recovery, first of all write down what you know about the original array configuration. Even operating system and numbers of portion on the RAID could be very helpful when manually analysis is needed to find RAID parameters and rebuild. The more configuration information, the faster you can get your data back. 

With hardware configuration, label the member disks with a marker. Along with the disks, label controller ports and cables. Subsequently, you can use this numbering to refer to a particular disk. 

Unfortunately, all manufacturers do not support the data recovery on their devices. What is more, RAID array configuration information is unavailable to users in NAS, like LaCie and Buffalo. No matter the device is in warranty or not, they would not release the RAID configuration details. In this case, you have to rely on the data recovery companies.


  •  Forensics Services:
    We provide computer forensics services to attorneys, private investigators, litigation support firms, law enforcement/government agencies, corporations and small businesses. We have the expertise and experience to properly handle evidence in criminal and civil cases. Our facilities are alarmed to secure your most sensitive material.
       Consultation on search and seizure procedures
       Consultation/assistance on search warrant preparation and execution
       On-site acquisition of electronic data
       Processing transported evidence in our lab

• Exact image copies of hard drives, floppy disks and other magnetic or optical media, using court-proven hardware and software
• Computer password cracking
• Keyword searches
• Document and financial data extraction
• Analysis of Internet usage and searches
• Analysis of electronic mail
• Computer Data Recovery
  hard drive recovery
  recovery of accidentally or intentionally deleted data
  recovery of data from cell phones and PDAs
  recovery of removable media
  Determination of event timelines, when possible
(e.g., date of document deletion, e-mail, etc.)
Documentation and data returned in a variety of formats (e.g., CDs, DVDs, removable disks, cartridges, external hard drives, and/or on paper)
Experienced expert witness testimony provided in municipal, state, federal, and military courts.