Ace Data Recovery Lab is only one local lab instead of virtual office like others. We can sit down and face to face talk about your case, our company address: 5070 NW 74 AVE Miami FL. 33166. East side of palmetto highway.
Since 1998, we have been serving thousands of customers in Florida. Price starting at $95. Please email us, we reply your email within 30 minutes during working days.
We can work on a case on 24/7 bases. Most cases  need only 2-3 days.
We save your data on a secured saver before your take it and remove it as soon as you accept with a satisfaction.
Before you pay for the recovered data, you can review them.Always seeing is believes, Call us @ 305-2286163, we answer calls 24/7.
We have modern equipment to ensure getting your data back as much as possible. It is fully equipped with data recovery tools and class 100 clean room.


Regardless of the type and severity of the damage caused to your server we can provide you with a free diagnostics service and a quote to advise you on how we can repair your server and restore any lost or inaccessible data. Contact us to discuss our range of solutions options which include but are not exclusively limited to:
• RAID recovery for any type of RAID array, including widely used RAID 0, RAID 1 and RAID 5 array types
• Repair and restore services for NAS, SAN, and DAS systems which have suffered data loss in whatever form
• Complete reinstallation of any OS and previous settings to your server before the problem occurred. If the server’s data is not completely recoverable, we are able to transfer any restored data onto a storage device of your choice (replacement hard drive, USB, etc) and return it to you.
If you need urgent server recovery please call 305-2286163 as soon as possible for expert advice and help.