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Since 1998, we have been serving thousands of customers in Florida. Price starting at $95. Please email us, we reply your email within 30 minutes during working days.
We can work on a case on 24/7 bases. Most cases  need only 2-3 days.
We save your data on a secured saver before your take it and remove it as soon as you accept with a satisfaction.
Before you pay for the recovered data, you can review them.Always seeing is believes, Call us @ 305-2286163, we answer calls 24/7.
We have modern equipment to ensure getting your data back as much as possible. It is fully equipped with data recovery tools and class 100 clean room.

IBM servers

As you’d expect from a company with IBM’s market share, our engineers recover data from a large number of IBM servers every year. Whilst IBM’s servers are by no means unreliable, they do suffer from many of the same types of logical and mechanical faults that can cause data loss in other types of servers.With our skilled team of data recovery specialists, using bespoke tools and software and based in world-class clean room facilities, you really couldn’t be in safer hands.Please call today for a free consultation from a data recovery engineer trained in diagnosing faults remotely.
Potential Problems with IBM Servers
IBM servers generally come with either Linux or Microsoft Windows 2003 Server pre-installed in order to allow for a fast installation. Regardless of the operating system, as with other RAID systems, IBM servers can become inaccessible through various hardware or software failures.
Our engineers are familiar with, and are adept at solving, any of the following problems known to affect IBM servers:
• Mechanical damage to the SCSI hard drives or any physical component of the server array caused by mishandling, tampering or electrical damage from power surges or spikes
• RAID failure across one or more paired stripes
• Accidental reformatting or overwriting of OS or files
• Logical corruption through invalid data entry etc
IBM Server Data Recovery Solutions
Whatever arrangement your IBM server features (RAID 5, RAID 10, etc) and regardless of the type of problem that has caused the loss of data, our engineers have access to leading data recovery tools and solutions that allow them to reunite you with your data in a swift and successful fashion.