Ace Data Recovery Lab is only one local lab instead of virtual office like others. We can sit down and face to face talk about your case, our company address: 5070 NW 74 AVE Miami FL. 33166. East side of palmetto highway.
Since 1998, we have been serving thousands of customers in Florida. Price starting at $95. Please email us, we reply your email within 30 minutes during working days.
We can work on a case on 24/7 bases. Most cases  need only 2-3 days.
We save your data on a secured saver before your take it and remove it as soon as you accept with a satisfaction.
Before you pay for the recovered data, you can review them.Always seeing is believes, Call us @ 305-2286163, we answer calls 24/7.
We have modern equipment to ensure getting your data back as much as possible. It is fully equipped with data recovery tools and class 100 clean room.

Bal Harbour


We recently upgraded our service by providing a service center in Bal Harbour. As a Miami-data county based local company, our goal is to better serve the customers to restore your data in a timely manner with the lowest cost. Apart from our clean room recovery lab located near Miami International Airport, Our lab location is in the heart of Miami with easy reach by all means of transportation. You can simply come to our main lab, fill in the form, leave your damaged hard drive with us, within the same day we will start work on your case. This way we help you to save the precious time of traveling and you get the same best local service that we provide with no extra cost.

5070 NW 74th Ave  

Miami, FL 33166

Phone:  305-2286163